This ant will remain armed and ready

I am reminded of the tale of the ant and the grasshopper. Today, under the guise of social justice, our government takes more and more from the ants to give to the grasshoppers.

Still, a great many ants do not want to be grasshoppers, instead they prepare to provide for and protect their families in times of emergency. These intrepid ants do not want to be dependent upon FEMA or any other government agency when the worst happens. The emergency can be food shortages from a natural disaster, an economic meltdown that leads to social disorder and lawlessness, or any number of other catastrophic scenarios.

Which brings us to guns, magazines, and ammunition. The ants know that it does no good to prepare for the worst if you cannot protect what you have from those that would take it away. For this reason, these ants exercise their Second Amendment rights to legally purchase these items. Thus contradicting the predictable arguments of "why does anyone need a large capacity magazine and how many bullets do you need to shoot a deer?"

Before labeling me as a crazy survivalist wacko I ask you all a question: If the worst happens, can you provide for and protect your family? If the answer is no, then who is crazy?

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