Artist says he was victim of censorship

In the article "A midwinter's night dream: Hygienic festivities populate New London," (Jan. 24) by Rick Koster, there is a major point stated by Hygienic Art's director Rich Martin that bears correction.

I wonder how Mr. Martin can honestly say that there is no censorship when it comes to the annual art show that I helped start 33 years ago. I can't say I was the first, unofficially that title belongs to the artists that entered (#354, hygienic 29) "Womens Voices," which mysteriously disappeared when the gallery was closed for cleaning. Unfortunately the artists will not come forward due to fear of retaliation. So, I guess I can officially claim the title until that happens.

My art piece #224 "Hygienic's Dirty Laundry #3" was removed mid-show. I was given the explanation that the documentation incorporated in my collage was deemed "illegal" by Hygienic's legal representation. If this is true, then I would recommend that Hygienic's V.P. attorney Scott DeLaura brush up on the Freedom of Information Act.

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