All should support Obama on drone issue

It was disconcerting to read the position taken by former Republican U.S. Congressman Rob Simmons regarding the Obama administration's strategy relative to the use of drones to attack al-Qaida targets, including all those that operate with them. "Nation of Drones," (Feb. 13).

Clearly, Mr. Simmons must understand that we are not dealing with Contra-like rebels nor are we living in the same world that politicians of the Reagan era had to contend with a quarter century earlier, wherein our enemies had much clearer ties and associations to foreign states than the boundary-less faces of those we are forced to deal with today.

Have we forgotten the brutality of this same band of al-Qaida terrorists that President Obama has targeted with drone strikes, and their responsibility for the single largest attack on U.S. soil which resulted in the murder of about 3,000 innocent lives on 9/11/2001? Or the countless other global attacks, committed by them since then, that have claimed countless more innocent victims?

President George W. Bush offers the best advice on how to deal with evil such as al-Qaida and all those who fly their flag, regardless of national origin, "You are either with us or against us."

And while I agree with very few policies of the current administration, when it comes to the use of force, including drones to dispatch terrorists, I am with the president.

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