Old Saybrook lucky to have Mr. Westerson

A small town like Old Saybrook needs to embrace its residents that are active and involved. Former Board of Finance member Grant Westerson is just that person. Mr. Westerson does all things good for the town, including: driving the police boat for 30 years, working the polls at every election, volunteering at the shelter during emergencies, collecting turkeys and toys during Thanksgiving, serving on the Board of Finance for three years, Harbor Management Study Committee for 14 years, and the Harbor Management Committee as harbor master for 10 years.

Grant has lived in town for over 40 years and spent the majority of that time giving back to the community. Mr. Westerson decided to resign from the Finance Board after an ethics ruling stated that he could not operate the police boat and be paid for it as well as serve on Finance. The town should know that it was Mr. Westerson who requested the Ethics Commission to look into the situation so that he was not violating any policies. Like the stand-up guy Grant is, he stepped down after the ruling was made. We should all be grateful for Grant's service.

Editor's note: Mr. Kennedy is a member of the Board of Finance for Old Saybrook.

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