Urban asks that vote be placed in context

A March 12 letter, "Urban shouldn't vote without all the facts," suggested that my vote on HB 5021 conflicted with my long-held stand against Sunday liquor sales.

Understanding the legislative process can be difficult. This bill in question was a "budget implementer." This is clearly stated when you look the bill up. That means numerous bills and concepts have been combined in one bill to direct budget decisions to the appropriate place.

If you read the whole bill you see that there is an entire section on beer. Specifically, the micro brewery, an issue I have long championed and worked on with our own Cottrell Brewery in Pawcatuck.

At this point in the process I had to make a decision. Do I vote against an issue that I had worked diligently on because another issue I had continually questioned was in the same bill or do I vote in favor and appear to support Sunday Sales?

I chose to send a message to my friends in Pawcatuck. Getting these changes for the micro-brewery trumped my knowledge that from an economic perspective Sunday sales are suspect.

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