Seize Pfizer building for sale and reuse

Just read another great news story in The Day, "Pfizer stuns officials, will raze Building 118," (March 28) and I'm sure that there are three sides to it, two of which the general public will never fully understand.

Pfizer has decided to tear down a perfectly good building but "no jobs will be impacted as a result of this decision" according to the Pfizer spokesperson.

It seems that all of our local politicians have weighed in and I commend them on their efforts to keep the building to create new jobs and protect the tax base. If in fact it makes sense to protect our investment, which I for one think that it does, then I would ask that someone grow a set and refuse the demolition permit and start the process to seize the property under eminent domain.

I think our "good neighbor" Pfizer will understand.

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