Her teacher skills make her a great city mayor

I am supporting Marian Galbraith for City of Groton mayor. With her character being called into question in recent posts, I can certainly attest as a former student at West Side Middle School that Galbraith is one of the most selfless individuals that I have ever met.

That same selflessness and devotion to duty that I witnessed in the classroom directly translates into her position as mayor. As a teacher, she did everything in her power to ensure students' academic and personal success. Whenever I see her within council meetings, supporting new businesses or making presentations to the council, I know that she is speaking for and representing the interest of city residents.

As a teacher, she never ascribed any assignment without first trying it. This too translates into her position as mayor. She cares about what city employees do, which is why she has picked up garbage, inspected manholes, directed traffic, and been up in the bucket truck.

Using what she took from her time as an educator, she knows a good teacher/leader leads by example.

All of these characteristics are why I'm voting for Mayor Galbraith on May 6, and I hope you will, too.

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