Maynard had courage to vote will of district

David Collins brings up an interesting point in his April 14 column "Why doesn't Andrew Maynard just become a Republican? "

Do the people we elect to government "represent all of us" or the will of the party that they belong to?

Have you noticed that anyone that goes against the Democratic Party line is out of touch, an obstructionist, a racist or just a "GOP mole." Independent thought and opposing views cannot be tolerated by the party that claims to be tolerant. Well, tolerant unless you disagree with them.

How refreshing to see "representatives of the people" actually talk to those in their district and vote as the majority of their people want them to irrespective of the party they belong to.

That is how our democratic form of government is suppose to work and we should be thankful for those who have the courage to do what they were elected to do - represent the people they serve.

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