Rehire Mayor Galbraith in Groton city election

May 6 is an important day for the City of Groton residents. Future decisions made will affect city residents for years. It's not whether Democrats or Republicans win, it's the people selected that really count. There is an old saying, "If it's not broken, don't try to fix it." Well, Thames Valley Communications was broken. Mayor Galbraith along with the sitting council resolved the problem immediately. The TVC was bleeding $2.5 million dollars a year from Groton Utility funds just to keep it alive. She and the councilors did the right thing. What would our critics have done? It is easy to quarterback the decisions of others. TVC is still serving its customers and the employees have retained their jobs with the new owner. Don't be blindsided by a lot of smoke and mirrors for campaign purposes.

I have seen many mayors and councilors come and go and I sincerely believe that Mayor Galbraith is one of the most caring and sincere people that has ever held that position. She is good for the people of the city. She has my vote and should have yours on May 6.

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