Noisy bike editorial was inapt and unfair

This letter is in response to your opinion of the Stonington "dirt bike" controversy "Just work it out," (April 20). I'm going to assume that you have never had the experience of living next door to someone who rides a dirt bike or plays extremely loud music for hours on end. Otherwise, I don't think you would have such an arrogant attitude about the situation. Yes, this letter is about your attitude.

Obviously, there are far more important things happening in the world but that does not mean the people involved in this matter do not care about those events; they just also care about other things, as we all do, and I don't believe they should be belittled for doing so.

As to the remark about the police feeling silly about having to test the decibel level, that assumption only fuels a bad opinion of the police. Any good officer wouldn't have a problem with doing his job and would take that assignment in stride.

I do hope the parties work this out but if not, that is why we create laws and ordinances. We want to keep the peace. Despite your dismissive attitude, that is important to society, no matter the subject.

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