Lanza gave opening to anti-gun progressives

The Newtown tragedy has been shamelessly exploited by progressives along with the understandable grief of devastated families. However, beneath the maudlin outrage of politicians long bent on disarming law-abiding citizens there no doubt lurks perverted joy that deranged Adam Lanza provided the opportunity they needed.

Why is it that the same anti-gun groupies that cry "protect the children" are fanatical supporters of abortion that kills 1.2 million unborn children a year, 54 million since 1973? Obama demands taxpayer funding of over $400 million annually for Planned Parenthood, contract killers of unborn children. The liberal media trumpeted the Newtown slayings endlessly, but downplays the murder trial of Philadelphia abortion butcher Kermit Gosnell. The 2013 March For Life in Washington was attended by an estimated 500,000, yet mostly ignored by the liberal media.

Abortion is mass murder and infanticide on a massive scale. This is the sacrosanct, barbaric atrocity of the liberal elite in unprecedented, horrific proportions.

Self proclaimed "intellectuals" deny the humanity of the unborn child contrary to all scientific proof and common sense. Google "Men Blinded By Their Brains" by historian Paul Johnson for an insightful analysis of elitist support of mass murder.

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