Public deserves details about NLDC project

As reported by David Collins in recent editions of The Day, "NLDC President Michael Joplin should resign," (April 28), a failure of leadership seems to inhibit the mission of the New London Development Corporation.

How does the president of the NLDC inspire confidence and trust when municipal financial transactions taken and proposed by him are kept secret, when his performance record is below expectations, and when his public statements are in bad taste?

Michael Joplin, president, NLDC, must dispel the appearance of transferring valuable public land to a particular person under the guise of economic development when it may in fact be for private benefit.

The mayor and NLDC must ensure we in New London receive fair market value for that land as determined by an independent appraisal. If the proposed developer fails to perform in a reasonable time, the land must revert back to the city.

U.S. courts have held in these types of cases that only information likely to cause substantial competitive harm (trade secrets, patent information, etc.) to the proposed buyer or impair governments in future negotiations are to be treated confidentially. In neither case do these conditions exist regarding Fort Trumball.

Trust is good. Proof is better.

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