Death penalty repeal hypocritical from start

The counterfeit compromise that was reached to abolish Connecticut's death penalty has come back to bite us.

But it was a clever ploy from the get-go and an offense against the pursuit of justice in capital cases. The General Assembly actually crafted a law that abolishes the death penalty in toto except for the condemned already on death row.

They did so in the wake of the monstrous crime in Cheshire and in order to show the public a "tough" face while hiding their true face behind a shield of hypocrisy.

Surely these legislators knew that such an inept and arbitrary "solution" would never pass constitutional muster let alone Logic 101. After the courts tossed the repeal, the Democratic dynasty in Hartford could then point the finger at the judiciary and thus escape the blame it richly deserves.

The political cynicism and arrogant disregard for the majority view on this issue shows you just how deeply the polls hold the people in contempt - and echoes the midnight passage of the "marriage equality" act that both parties shamelessly endorsed. And they will do it again in the not-so-distant future when a life sentence-without-parole is condemned as "cruel and unusual" punishment. You can bet the farm on it.

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