Congress should have followed Conn.'s lead

A long time ago, when movie admission was less than a dollar, Western movies played frequently. The typical story: lawless towns were unsafe for ordinary families because of rogue gangs and rampant gun violence.

At the climax, the hero would out draw the black hats, restoring peace to the community. Finally, guns would have to be checked with the sheriff or not be allowed in the town.

That story does not play much any more, gun industry tactics are from the tobacco industry playbook, media is playing with our heads, but the old story is from a wiser time when our national politics weren't so dysfunctional.

Guns are much more destructive now, and there are loud voices to allow them everywhere. It is disturbing that these loud voices want to achieve with guns what they cannot at the ballot box. There are examples. It is political.

Although Sens. Murphy and Blumenthal are fighting for reform, there is paralysis at the federal level. Thank the Connecticut legislature and Gov. Malloy for passing a comprehensive gun violence prevention law. We owe it to the Sandy Hook families and all the other victims of violence. Public safety should trump gun rights.

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