Penn & Teller perform at MGM Grand at Foxwoods

Timing is everything in magic - and, really, in all forms of entertainment.

So how perfectly synergistic that Penn & Teller are performing Saturday at MGM Grand at Foxwoods - just two weeks after Penn Jillette's team won a challenge involving Foxwoods Resort Casino on "Celebrity Apprentice"?

And just one day before the final "Celebrity Apprentice" airs, with a winner selected from finalists Jillette and Trace Adkins?

(The Foxwoods challenge, by the way, involved decorating a luxury suite at Barclays Center in Brooklyn and throwing a Foxwoods party.)

All that aside, Penn & Teller are worth seeing for their edgy mix of magic and comedy. Their illusions are impressive - they have caught a bullet in their mouths, for instance, and Teller has escaped after being submerged in a water tank. But a lot of the fun lies in Penn's sardonic comments and caffeinated patter - and in Teller's doleful stare and utter silence. Having interviewed them years ago, I can tell you this: Teller is very eloquent. and Penn swears like a trucker ... and a sailor ... and a rapper all combined. Really, that guy knows his profanity - in a very humorous way.


Penn & Teller, 8 p.m. Saturday, MGM Grand at Foxwoods; $20-$40; 1-800-200-2882.


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