All those dents are the reason he uses two parking spaces

In response to David Collins' column, "A few driving pet peeves," (May 12), I think a few statements are a little off base.

When did it become so inconvenient to wait for a car to turn left? In the "it's all about me generation," why do we risk the safety of others and pass on the right to gain a few seconds in our travels? In taking up two spots, when did it become socially acceptable to open up your door and dent another person's vehicle?

I routinely take up two spots but I'm the "big truck or SUV," which is way in the back of the lot where no one parks. I'd like to park close and use one spot but I can't continue to shell out money to have my vehicle repaired because of the carelessness of others.

And finally, if the light is green make the right turn, if red - actually stop and take a look around before proceeding - it's not that hard and doesn't take much time.

Mr. Collins, it's evident that you are writing from your own driving experience and therefore you have clearly become a "pet peeve" of a lot of other drivers. Great job making all Connecticut drivers look bad.

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