Self-centered society causing U.S. decline

First, Benghazi and the stonewalling by Hillary Clinton and the State Department. Next, the Internal Revenue Service and their targeting of numerous Tea Party organizations. Now, we have the Justice Department and the tapping of The Associated Press. If this were a Republican administration, it would be compared to the tactics of Richard Nixon. Now, it's all going to be swept under the rug by an administration that will get away with it. Nothing will come of this, except a greater tolerance by Americans for lies and incompetence.

I no longer blame politicians for the mess these people have put our country in, both politically and economically. The United States has always survived unethical politicians. It is our society that continues to both elect, re-elect, and no longer care about the behavior of some of these people. Our self-centered society, which is enabled by an administration like this, is ensuring that America's greatest days are behind us.

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