Author whose book inspired "Downtown Abbey" visits Norwich

Julian Fellowes, who created the phenomenon known as "Downton Abbey," has said that he was reading Carol McD. Wallace's book "To Marry An English Lord" when he was asked to write a TV miniseries.

So any similarities between one and the other are, one would guess, not entirely coincidental.

Wallace will be in Norwich Friday for a talk at Otis Library. Her aforementioned book, which is subtitled "Tales of Wealth and Marriage, Sex and Snobbery" and co-written with Gail MacColl, explores the lives of nine New York young women who married British men - one wed a duke, and another a duke - in the late 19th century.

Wallace's other books include 2011's "Leaving Van Gogh" and the upcoming novel "Madame Manet."


Author Carol McD. Wallace, 1 p.m. Friday, Otis Library, 261 Main St., Norwich; she will sign her books after the program; free; (860) 889-2365, ext. 128.


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