Immigration reform proposals threaten technical jobs in this country

High costs of college educations are forcing many American students to borrow thousands of dollars from student loans, parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts. Often, family members remove money from their savings, 401 accounts, and even mortgage their homes hoping a good job will be available upon graduation.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerman and several CEOs from Silicon Valley have lobbied senators to award a permanent resident green card to 180,000 foreigners who have job offers in the United States and advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering or math from a U.S. school. If this is included in the current immigration bill it will discourage and frustrate Americans from entering these vocations, lower the overall wage levels, and make it much more difficult for Americans to pay back their student loans.

Congress should protect the American engineering and technical students against unfair hiring; possibly by attaching a class-action option. This option would not only protect the American students, but also the company and its employees from a possible dangerous reprisal from a frustrated, rejected American student or a parent of one.


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