AT&T to close one NL office

New London - AT&T confirmed Thursday that it will be closing its office at 200 State St. as part of a reorganization, but said another location on Washington Street will not be affected by the move.

AT&T employees at the State Street call center will be switching work sites to New Haven starting in mid July.

"We're consolidating workers from two locations into one," AT&T spokesman Marty Richter said in an email. "We're in an extremely competitive business, and must always look for ways to better achieve efficiencies and consolidate operations."

About 75 local call-center workers will be affected by the move, Richter said earlier in the week. The employees handle incoming customer calls for the company, he said.

"We will be offering assistance with commuting expenses for four months," Richter said.

Employees at 26 Washington St., who share a parking lot with colleagues on State Street, are not affected by the consolidation, the company said.

The telephone company office on State Street, previously operated by Southern New England Telephone Co., dates back to the 1960s. The office, which survived street name changes from State to Captain's Walk and back to State again, once was a bustling place where customers could pay off bills and pick up phone books, and was originally opened as the region's center for direct long-distance dialing.


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