Births - June 30


MAY 15 - A daughter to Jennifer Hudgins of New London.

MAY 22 - A daughter to Matthew and Julie Dignazio of Waterford; a son to Kenneth and Cristina Donahue of Norwich; a son to Zachariah and Holly Malinowsky of Groton; a son to Baikang Pei and Yuxia Mao of Niantic; a son to Vincent Suchomel and Aimee-Marie Smith of Groton.

MAY 23 - A son to Nicholas and Allison Schmitz of East Lyme.

MAY 24 - A daughter to Dillon Sierpinski and Holly Blatchford of Norwich; a daughter to Robert and Jessica Clarke of Niantic; a daughter to Christopher Hapgood and Tanya Doyle of Waterford; a son to Jason Booker and Capri Visintini of Stonington; a daughter to Wendy Woodward of Groton.

MAY 25 - A daughter to Lindsey Ducheneau of New London.

MAY 26 - A daughter to Kyle Griffith and Desirae Bailey of Waterford; a daughter to Johnathan Simmons and Emily Lloyd of East Lyme; a son to Jacob Appleby and Kerri Sullivan of Pawcatuck.MAY 27 - A daughter to Rashim Wilson and Shannon Easom of Groton.

MAY 28 - A daughter to Israel Rosario and Beyra Fortuna of Norwich; a son to Anthony Reyes and Ashley Manso of New London; a son to Jason and Klarissa Smiddy of Groton; a daughter to Pedro Ramirez and Carolina Trevejo Farfan of New London.

MAY 29 - A son to Jennifer and Marcus Henderson Sr. of New London; a son to Milton Tenesaca and Gina Taveras of New London.

MAY 30 - A daughter to Matthew and Karen Babcock of Lisbon; a son to Justin and Kathrine Boykin of Groton; a daughter to Kyle and Katrina Douton of Niantic; a son to Matthew and Heidi Gingerella of North Stonington; a daughter to Harlan and Nicole Williams of Groton.

JUNE 6 - A son to Adam and Sharon Kunkel of Groton; a daughter to Robert Robertson and Amanda Lee of New London; a son to Zachary and Katy Prefontaine of Groton.

JUNE 7 - A son to Aaron Bonnette and Nashema Battle of New London; a son to Godsgift and Chinwendy Doherty of New London.

JUNE 8 - A daughter to Codey and Jaimie Hill of Groton.

JUNE 10 - A son to Arthur and Sarah Knight of Groton; a daughter to Gregory and Elizabeth Storer of New London.

JUNE 11 - A daughter to Montana Lamphere and Lynlee Longo of Pawcatuck.

JUNE 12 - A daughter to Sung and Mary Cho of Norwich; a daughter to Daniel and Amy Richter of Salem; a son to Jason and Kristine Sevigny of Niantic; a son to Earl and Tina Swain of Old Saybrook.

JUNE 13 - A son to Ethan and Melinda Brown of Oakdale; a son to Tia and Kelvin Davis Jr. of New London; a son to Jordan Bertram and Valerie Ringer of Westerly; a daughter to Dean Rocha and Samantha Slocum of North Stonington.


JUNE 7 -A son to Shaun Mitchell and Jennifer Evans.

JUNE 9 - Twin sons to Christopher Lin Sorensen and Marc Leandro.

JUNE 11 - A daughter to Jean Claude Auguste, Jr. and Chelda Tonton; a daughter to Curtis Meighen and Kimberly Digby; a son to Ke'Asia Elliott; a daughter to Robert, Jr. and Heather Allen.

JUNE 12 - A son to Ryan and Beth Ware; a son to Jeremy and Tiffany Cameron.

JUNE 13 - A daughter to Bassem Gayed and Judith Bassem.

JUNE 14 - A daughter to Marcel and Jaclyn Gervais.

JUNE 15 - Twin daughters to Alicia Jaramillo.

JUNE 18 - A daughter to Jose Rigoberto Aguire Escabar and Zaida Del Torro.

JUNE 19 - A son to Adam and Karen Barber; a son to Clinton, Jr. and Lacey Dobbs; a daughter to Juan Montoga and Lisbeth Tomasto; a daughter to Jose Caceres and Macy Flores.

JUNE 20 - A son to Orisheju Ukuedojor and Megghan Jackson.

JUNE 21 - A son to Chris and Keila Sordillo; a daughter to Shaun and Melissa Krzeminski.

JUNE 22 - A daughter to Kimberly Moon; a daughter to Ivan and Samantha Kennerson.

JUNE 23 - A daughter to Jamain Pabon and Clarissa Gaston.

JUNE 25 - A son to David and Loree Tanguay.


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