Don't let your pets suffer in the heat

The article, "Pet owners shouldn't leave dogs in cars on hot days," (June 25) suggested the animals be left at home.

The Waterford /East Lyme animal control officer noted that dogs don't sweat like humans, and they are wearing permanent fur coats.

This time of year the temperature inside our homes can become dangerously hot if we don't have air conditioning.

Dogs shouldn't be confined in a crate in hot weather.

Leaving a dog unattended outside on a hot day is also dangerous, even if a shady place or water is available.

If a dog is left tied up outside on a hot day, and the dog is in distress, charges can be filed against the owner.

Love your pet(s) enough to invest in an air conditioner. Yes your electrical bill will be higher, but we make sacrifices for our four-legged friends.

And there's the possibility the power might go off, please have one of your next door neighbors call you, so you can take your pet(s) elsewhere.

The bottom line is: our best friends depend entirely on us to keep them safe and happy.

Let's live up to that.

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