Blight ordinance much needed in Groton

I would like to recognize the Groton Town Council for considering a blight ordinance and hope it will be considered for the city. We have lived next door for 30 years to a landlord who does not take care of his rental property. We have been to zoning meetings, written letters, offered to spend money to help him improve his property, which would improve ours. He has refused any idea we had. We ended up putting a fence around our property only to have him let weeds and trees grow up to our property line and into our fence.

Now there are all these unusual pipes sticking up out of the ground and a drain pointed at our land. I am hoping now that we will be able to get some one to look at what is going on and the landlord will have to clean up his property. His sewer pipe broke and had to be repaired and it is still sitting on the property were his tenants have to walk to do their laundry and where children play.

It is not fair that the community has to be subjected to these visual eyesores.

Bonnie Giesler

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