Don't rely on computers in emergencies

I am writing because you have noticed that almost everything being advertised, including emergency warnings require a computer either to sign up or to receive information. No phone number, just

I do not own a computer, and I am sure there are other like me in the state and in the country. I am mostly concerned regarding emergency situations where is seems the only contact is over a computer. Yes, there is reverse 911 in many communities, but to sign up for it you must use a computer. Even AARP is refusing to have volunteer instructors who cannot operate or do not have computers.

This widespread "computer addiction" is very difficult to shake, they are now offering programs to break the habit. It is a new toy - fun to play with, infinite in information, and a very useful tool. But not all of us can afford it or want it, so we are left out (or if you prefer, discriminated against). In emergencies there must be another way to obtain information. Remember, land line telephones as well as cell phones most always work during a bad storm.

I hope our political leaders will consider this request as they establish their emergency planning departments.

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