Many reasons to oust Groton board members

The incumbent Groton Board of Education candidates seeking re-election supported Superintendent Paul Kadri and extended his contract despite knowledge of public statements regarding Kadri's bullying tactics and harassment of central office staff.

They failed to support the Groton Public School teachers and parents when they publicly expressed their concerns regarding Paul Kadri's behavior.

They backed the ill-conceived Phase II plan, overwhelmingly rejected by voters, wasting tens of thousands of dollars and delaying reasonable school renovations.

They failed to effectively oversee the modification of the Fitch High School ball field, then supported the misuse of $143,000 of federal funds earmarked for educational purposes to pay for cost overruns - a self-bailout.

They erred when they supported the closing of Fitch Middle School as the cost savings amounted to only 20-30 percent of their estimates.

They violated FOI laws by holding closed meetings that were illegal.

The incumbent candidates have been on the board too long, don't listen to the public and aren't going to change.

Groton voters are responsible for the quality of candidates they elect. Take your vote seriously and research all candidates before casting a ballot. If dissatisfied, don't vote to re-elect incumbents.

Please don't vote due to name recognition, become informed.

It is time for a change on the Groton Board of Education.

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