Waterford - Waterford-East Lyme Animal Control reminds residents to be aware of the presence of coyotes and other predatory wildlife that is active in the area. "Coyotes and other predators such as foxes, bobcats and fisher cats are very active" in the area, Animal Control Officer Robert Yuchniuk said. "The public is strongly advised not to let their dogs and cats outside unattended. These animals will eat your pets."

Yuchniuk said it is important for pet owners to keep pets close, especially at dusk and dawn. "Unfortunately, it's the circle of life, and cats and small dogs are on the bottom of the food chain when it comes to animals like this." Residents should make sure they secure garbage in a receptacle with a lid and close off spaces under porches or sheds where coyotes and foxes like to make dens.

Yuchniuk said wild animals are not likely to bother humans, even children. But parents should remind their children to never approach wild animals. Residents should call Waterford police at (860) 442-9451 if an animal acts aggressive toward humans or shows signs of being sick, he said. "They have a healthy fear of people, but if an animal does act aggressively towards people we need to be notified of that because these are all rabies spectrum species," he said.

- Colin Young


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