Llama photo lousy choice given Pirate plunder

The Day misses the story again. Four months ago a downtown Mystic business owner had an idea about Mystic hosting a pirate invasion, "We have the river, we have ships, we can do this," he said.

That idea became a reality on Sunday, Oct. 6 with the execution of our first annual Mystic Pirate Invasion. Planned and implemented by a handful of volunteers, the successful event drew 3,000-plus attendees to the area to enjoy our community.

But on Oct. 7, The Day put a llama on the front page of the Region section.

Two ships firing cannons and battling on the Mystic River, 2,000 children in pirate gear going through town on a treasure hunt at over 25 participating merchants, restaurants with 45-minute long waits, lines out the door of shops, public officials being held hostage, $900 raised for Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Day chose the image of a llama to promote the weekend's news.

There wasn't a crowd around the llama ready to shop and dine in the region. The llama wasn't holding a treasure map rolled with care by local volunteers. The llama wasn't interacting with professional pirate troupes.

I'd like to hear from anyone who saw an increase in their business in the region because of the llama.

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