Proud to continue serving Westbrook

I have had the privilege and honor to serve Westbrook in almost every government capacity - land-use committees, Board of Finance, chairperson of the Energy Committee.

As your selectman for the past three years, I have demanded open, transparent and accountable government and financial prudence. I have made informed and fair decisions that have positively affected all Westbrook residents and have insisted on a business friendly environment that encourages responsible and appropriate economic development.

I have supported our Emergency Services departments to make sure they are properly equipped so that they can protect us and themselves in times of an emergency. I appreciate and support the numerous volunteers and organizations that make Westbrook a great place to live, work and raise a family.

It's time for real leadership and town government that works for the people. It's time to vote for Don Harger and re-elect Chris Ehlert on Nov. 5.

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