Top 10 Stories of the Year: Aftermath of Sandy Hook

The Day's news staff looked back at the biggest local headlines of 2013:

State and local officials responded swiftly to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Around the region, schools officials beefed up security and police departments reviewed protocols for responding to emergencies.

The state legislature passed a wide-ranging bill that included sweeping new restrictions on weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines. Those who own an assault weapon must have a certificate from state police and those in possession of large-capacity magazines must make state police aware of the ownership.

In Stonington, police began visiting the town's six public schools and two private schools and went forward with a pilot project at West Vine Street School that includes panic buttons in classrooms that sound an alarm inside the school while simultaneously notifying emergency dispatchers, town police, fire and highway departments of a potential threat.

But a more gentle response to the Dec. 14, 2012, tragedy also took place along the shoreline, from New Jersey to Connecticut.

The New Jersey Firefighters Benevolent Association built, with the help of local volunteers, a playground at Riverside Park in New London dedicated to Emilie Parker, one of the 20 first-graders killed that day in Newtown. "The Sandy Ground Project: Where Angels Play" will include 26 playgrounds to memorialize all the victims - the 20 children and six educators.


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