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Police shoot dog inside Mystic hotel after woman injured in attack

Mystic — A Stonington police officer was forced to shoot a large dog that police say attacked and seriously injured a woman inside the Marriott Residence Inn on Route 27 at about 3 p.m. Sunday.

The officer also suffered minor bites to his hand and arm when he tried to help the female caretaker of the dog get control of the animal after the attack. The woman was taken to Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London. The officer, whom police did not identify, also received medical attention.

Police Capt. Jerry Desmond said the woman was attacked by the dog inside a second floor hallway. When police arrived, the officer found the caretaker of the dog struggling to control the animal. When the officer tried to help he was bitten, and then shot the dog.

Police said the officer was then able to corral the dog in a stairwell away from other guests until Christina Donovan, a Groton Town Police animal control officer, arrived. At about 3:40 p.m, Donovan emerged from the building, guiding the dog to the Stonington animal control truck with the use of a noose at the end of a long pole.

The black dog, which had blood dripping from its shoulder and abdomen after being struck with a .45 caliber bullet, whimpered as it refused to walk up the ramp into the truck. As police and Old Mystic firefighters tried to coax the dog into the van, one officer stood a few feet way, his gun drawn.

They were finally able to get the dog into the Groton animal control truck by putting a blue blanket over it and lifting it up and into a cage in the truck. The dog was taken for veterinary treatment.

Desmond said police, who are investigating the incident, are not yet sure of the relationship between the victim and the caretaker. The 128-room hotel, which was not evacuated during the incident, allows guests to have pets in their rooms.


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