Criticism of Israel is a head scratcher

I am always amazed at those who point a finger at Israel - such as the Jan. 21 letter, "Opposing Israeli policies isn't anti-Semitic" - because they believe it is denying the Palestinian residents their rights. Yet they have no problem with the Islamic religion practiced by the majority of Palestinians, which denies the rights of its women and is generally intolerant of those not of their faith.

Also, it appears to be "standard operating procedure" for such individuals to castigate Israel's isolation of Gaza while never mentioning the ongoing aggression of the Gazans with almost a decade of unprovoked rocket attacks into Israeli territory and their election of a Hamas leadership whose sworn objective is to see Israel's destruction.

It is unfathomable to me how clear and unmistakable facts such as these can escape the attention of no doubt otherwise intelligent and articulate people.

Perhaps someone out there can explain it to me.

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