Blithe Hitler reference insults those who died

I am a Mitchell College senior and a descendant of men who fought in every American war since the American Revolution. My family lost a great uncle killed fighting Hilter's forces in France, two months after he took part in the invasion of Normandy on D-Day. Both of my grandfathers and five other of my great uncles also fought in World War II, my youngest great uncle was a combat Marine in Korea, my dad is a permanently disabled Vietnam veteran and my cousin is currently a Marine.

I thus take strong umbrage regarding the comparison of New London Mayor Finizio to the insane war monger Hitler, who launched the most horrific carnage in world history, which inflicted tragedy on so many American families like my own.

I believe New Londoners subscribing to the notion that American military sacrifice is sacred should unanimously demonstrate support, if only on this solitary issue, for our mayor in this sordid affair. To not do so will be to risk losing our aggregate awareness of the astronomical price military bloodshed has had for Americans of all walks of life.

Not to distract from the excellent points The Day articulated, but we must recall the tremendous price in blood paid to subdue Hitler, which the story overlooked, "Finizio outraged by Facebook link to Hilter," (Jan. 20).

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