Palestinian plight is entirely self-imposed

In response to the letter, "Opposing Israeli policies isn't anti-Semitic," (Jan. 21), representing the Waterford Green Party, you are right; Palestinians in Gaza are living in execrable conditions.

These conditions, however, are entirely self-imposed. Israel voluntarily withdrew from Gaza in 2005. Israelis left behind an agribusiness infrastructure in the hope that the local population could form a civil and prospering society. Instead, the new residents destroyed all the greenhouses and elected the terrorist group, Hamas, to govern them.

Since August 2005, 16,000 rockets have been fired at Israel's civilian population from Gaza alone. Despite these constant attacks, Israel still provides electricity and shipments of humanitarian goods to Gaza. During the snowstorm in December 2013, Israel sent emergency supplies as well. Gaza residents are frequently treated in Israel's world-renown hospitals. These humanitarian efforts on Israel's part are a daily occurrence, regardless of persistent violence intended to challenge Israel's existence.

As stated by the letter writer, Israel is "a nation (that) governs itself democratically (and) tolerates religious diversity." Unfortunately, among their neighbors, they are alone in these beliefs.

Anyone contemplating support of the Waterford Green Party should closely examine the facts and determine if he is comfortable associating with a political party that supports terrorism against innocent civilians.

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