Vendor rule change would hurt businesses

Relaxing vendor ordinance restrictions does not make Montville business friendly, it's just the opposite. A hot dog vendor, for instance, would pay the town approximately $30 a year in personal property tax only if the vendor lives in town, and nothing if outside the town, along with a small licensing fee. Ask Ed's Creamery, Herb's Deli, David's Place or Oakdale Pizza what they pay in taxes, insurance and upkeep. Businesses like these lessen the tax burden for the rest of us.

A homeowner with two school children paying $4,000 in property tax nets the town approximately negative $8,000 in tax revenue when educating the children is figured in. That's why being business friendly is important, because business tax dollars offset those negatives. Allowing vendors to take a percentage of profits from our brick and mortar businesses is unfair.

Town Planner Marcia Vlaun (a staunch supporter of business), along with the Planning and Zoning Commission, oppose the ordinance change. Special events are where vendors are needed, not next door to struggling businesses. I urge all who appreciate our local businesses to stand with them at the April 14 hearing.

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