Satti clear choice in state Senate race

Three years ago, Mayor Finizio energized the New London Democratic Party in an unprecedented way, but the election process was a fractious one. It could have been a disaster for the party here in New London. Instead, Town Committee Chairman Bill Satti saved New London's Democratic Party with his astute leadership abilities. His approach to leading the DTC allowed for the party to become united around shared interests, a truly democratic body.

I am confident that Bill will be able to similarly rally the Democrats of southeastern Connecticut to a common purpose when he is made our candidate for the 20th District state Senate seat. I am a fan of state Rep. Betsy Ritter, but I do not think she is either the most qualified to win or the most qualified Democrat to represent the interests of all of our district.

Bill communicates simply and effectively. He has developed strong relationships with Democrats - and independents - throughout the 20th District. He understands our sports-centered communities and the special needs of our urban center.

I and other New London Democrats will support either candidate, but only Bill will ignite the already energized New London Democrats and our fellow Democrats throughout the district.

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