Vendor rule change smacks of favoritism

On April 14, the Montville Town Council engaged in a blatant example of political payback when four of the Democratic councilors voted to reduce the buffer zone from one mile to 500 feet between established brick-and-mortar taxpaying businesses and competing street-vendor carts.

This was done at the request of former Democratic Town Councilor Gary Murphy and over the objections from representatives of at least four town agencies and elected boards. Democratic Councilor Chuck Laughton really passed the buck by saying the licenses were at the discretion of the police lieutenant.

That puts a very unfair burden on the police department and creates a situation that is bound to generate much criticism.

Kudos for Tom McNally and Kathy Pollard for trying to prevent this obvious act of political patronage. I hope the taxpayers remember this shady deal at the next election.

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