Time for Buck to pass the chair in Salem

With the Salem budget now passed after a four-month process, I have concluded that Steve Buck, chairman of the Board of Education, needs to resign as chairman.

Whether he likes it or not, he is the face of the board, and as such did a terrible job during this budget cycle. Mr. Buck called presenting the unapproved budget to the townspeople an act of civil disobedience. What it really did was not allow the townspeople to have meaningful dialogue on what amounts to nearly 75 percent of the town's annual expenses.

The fact that he presented the final budget at the Annual Meeting on the same day of the meeting, not allowing anybody to see it, was the last straw for me. As a long-time official in town who knows a little about leadership, I can safely say that the school board is not a functioning cohesive unit and not listening to the townspeople.

The number of emails I was copied on and blind copied on from parents - to both the board and school administration - show me the communications between the school, the board and parents is poor. I am not asking Buck to resign from the board, I am asking him to resign as chairman.

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