Osprey program seeking monitors

Connecticut Audubon Society on Tuesday announced the launch of a new citizen science program called “Osprey Nation” with the goal of tracking and safeguarding the hundreds of Ospreys that nest in the state. 

Working with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the society is recruiting volunteer stewards for Osprey Nation, to create a long-term record of information that will provide a better understanding of the health of the state’s osprey population.

Connecticut Audubon is creating an interactive map, available online, that will show the location as well as key information about each nest. The data will also be provided to DEEP. 

“In order to follow any population trends in our ospreys, we need to know how many nests are in Connecticut and whether the birds are thriving over time,” Brash said. 

DEEP Commissioner Robert Klee said the monitoring will provide valuable information to scientists tracking the health of the osprey population. 

Anyone who lives near an active osprey nest, owns binoculars or a spotting scope and wants to join the network of stewards is invited to send an email to Osprey@Ctaudubon.org.


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