Drive forcing Redskins name change wrong

If people believe that revoking the Washington Redskins trademark rights is simply about an offensive word, they're wrong. If people were truly offended at the word "Redskins," it would be handled by people not purchasing their jerseys, sweatshirts, buying their tickets, not watching their games, and boycotting their advertisers gear. Let the public take care of it.

This is really about censorship, nothing else. We'll be burning Redskins jerseys pretty soon. Will they burn books with the term Redskins in them? Why not? Recently, 50 senators signed some ridiculous document calling for team owner Daniel Snyder to change the name of the Washington Redskins to something more appropriate. Hypocrisy at it's finest. A U.S. Senate that over the last 160 years has broken basically every single treaty ever signed with Native Americans and done nothing to break their cycle of poor education and abject poverty is telling a man to change the name of a team because they say it's offensive?

I'm sure glad Harry Reid and his useless cronies have their priorities in line on this subject. This country is now run by cowards who will never stand up for the Constitution. That's how I know the America that the "Greatest Generation" saved from Nazis is finished.

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