Another option on table for Stonington School Building Committee: building new middle school

Stonington - The Board of Education agreed Thursday night that the K-12 School Building Committee should consider a second option that calls for closing the elementary schools, sending those students to the two middle schools and building a new middle school for the entire town on property at the high school.

In addition, a new central office would be located in the new middle school.

Superintendent of Schools Van Riley said it was important for the board to make its wishes known now, as the committee is getting ready to hire an architect to develop a plan.

Deborah Downie, who is the school board's representative to the building committee, said the idea is one the committee has been considering.

Riley said the three elementary schools and the school administration building could be sold and the proceeds used to finance the project.

There could also be savings in maintenance, fuel, electricity and other costs by eliminating four buildings and replacing them with one.

"I think it's a great idea conceptually. The devil will be in the details," said board member Craig Esposito.

Board member Alisa Morrison called it a great idea and better than the option that has been under consideration for many years.

That calls for closing West Broad Street School, renovating and expanding West Vine Street School and renovating Deans Mill School.

Riley said that another idea to have all elementary students attend one school and then send them on to two middle schools is a terrible idea from an educational perspective.

The school board plans to meet with the school building committee at 7 p.m. on Tuesday at the School Administration Building.


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