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Seaside project would increase truck traffic

Mark Steiner's latest Seaside development proposal includes the addition of an inn, restaurant, and conference center to be marketed to Fairfield County and New York with a traffic study indicating Great Neck Road could handle the increased traffic.

The June 25 presentation failed to talk about the tractor trailer and truck traffic necessary to support such an operation. How would these trucks make the turn onto Shore Road and how would they navigate the private roads proposed within the development? The traffic study also failed to consider that a GPS directs all I-95 Norhtbound traffic off Exit 72, through Niantic, onto Gardiners Wood Road and through Pleasure Beach to Seaside.

If this plan is approved, you will no longer be able to safely walk, bike or run through Pleasure Beach and along Shore Road. Attend the July 16 hearing at 6:30 p.m. at Waterford Town Hall) and let your concerns be known.

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