Animal control reports pets being killed by coyotes in Waterford

Waterford - Coyotes were responsible for the deaths of at least two pets over the past two weeks, and the local animal control officer is warning residents to be vigilant.

Waterford/East Lyme Animal Control Officer Robert Yuchniuk said the latest victims included a cat attacked on a back deck of a home on Niantic River Road last week. Two weeks ago, Yuchniuk said a Chihuahua was grabbed by a coyote from the yard of a home on North Road.

Yuchniuk urges residents to keep an eye on cats and small dogs because they have become “part of the food chain.”

Yuchniuk issued a public service announcement on the Waterford/Easy Lyme Animal Control’s Facebook page last week asking pet owners to keep cats indoors when possible and to go outside with dogs, especially at dawn, dusk and nighttime. Yuchniuk further advises pet owners to make noise and turn on outside lights at night when taking out a pet. Do not feed wildlife, and keep trash cans covered.


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