Critics fire at Carter from glass houses

In regards to the vetting of Terrence P. Carter to become superintendent of New London schools: People ask why is it that no one wants to take leadership roles anymore? This is precisely the reason why. We hold people to too high of a moral standard. We build them up to tear them down. No one is perfect. Who cares if Carter had a bankruptcy in his personal life and so what if he exaggerated about when he received his doctorate?

The point is he did receive it. We are all human and are less than perfect. That should not prevent someone from trying to contribute to society and trying to help others. Maybe it is time to vet all the critics of Dr. Carter and see how they do under the spotlight. Wouldn't that be interesting? I am sure some have bankruptcies and other personal foibles that they would not like exposed. Let us see how perfect they are that they can judge someone else.

Give the man a chance. Wait until you have something concrete to criticize before you cast the first stone.

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