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Same-day registration allows people to cast their vote

If you haven’t registered to vote, don’t fret.

There is still time because Connecticut has Election Day Registration, which allows eligible people to register and vote in person on Election Day.

And it seems that people across the region are taking advantage of the recent law.

Dianne Daniels, Democrat registrar in Norwich, said 10 people had registered.

“We had 23 for the entire day at the last primary,” said Daniels. “We are seeing better numbers this time around.”

Mike Doyle, New London’s Republican registrar, said by 10 a.m. 19 people had registered to vote. Last year, they had a total of 50 people.

Doyle said people who were registering today were confused about the deadlines set by the Secretary of State’s Office.

“We had a lot of people call who wanted to register but they couldn’t because the deadline had passed so we told them to come in today to register,” said Doyle.

Other towns across the region also have seen an uptick on same-day registration. Ledyard had 9 new registered voters while Stonington had 18.

Registrars in those towns said some of those who came to register were first-time voters or had recently moved into town.

Election Day registration places are not at the polling places, but at a separate location usually at the local registrar’s office.

Those who want to participate in Election Day Registration must have a valid identification and some form of residency documentation that proves you live in the town you are trying to vote in.

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