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Control car speeds using GPS technology

Why do we have speedometers? They seem to be virtually useless devices. Speed limit signs are placed in easy to see locations but it doesn’t seem to matter. Here are three options.

1. Change the speed limit signs to read “Suggested Speed” or “Recommended Speed.” Neither of which I recommend but seem to be the un-written law.

2. Use current technology to limit the speed of our vehicles. Easy to do with current GPS technology, our speed and the posted speed limits on many roads is information given to us on our GPS displays. Use the GPS data to limit the vehicles speed, a modern governor, if you will. Automobile makers simply have to integrate the function, probably with the approval of Congress.

3. Use the same information above and simply send an electronic message from the vehicle to the appropriate motor vehicle organization (state or local municipality) along with the vehicles VIN number. This would provide all the data necessary to ticket an offending driver; speed, speed limit, date, time, location and the VIN. This would provide a huge income potential by ticketing all those drivers discussed above. The VIN, of course, identifies the car and owner but not the driver. My response, “Too bad.”

Dan Caldwell


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