Eight years later, Obama still unpresidential

It is difficult to believe that anyone would accept the explanation given by the community organizer in chief regarding the payment of $400 million in cash delivered to Iran in the dead of night in an unmarked plane. Having lived through Watergate and Iran-Contra, I actually grew up to believe that actions such as those would never be ho-hum acceptable to the taxpayers; silly me. While the media minions have long ago forfeited any credibility on issues involving the designated ruling class, I must admit that, for the first time in a long time, I mostly agree with some of their conclusions. There is a man running around claiming to be presidential material while his daily actions serve as proof positive that he is not up to the job. That man is Barack Hussein Obama. I am still waiting for his promised actions regarding the Fast and Furious scandal, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, and the disrespectful treatment received by the veterans who valiantly served our country.

While he remains a gifted orator, a loving husband and a good father, he has to actually accomplish something for our country to avoid serving as a prime example of affirmative action on steroids. Never has someone gone so far with so little gas in his tank.

W. Patrick White


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