Learn Trump lesson, provide fair coverage

The Day has been liberal in the past 40 years I've subscribed. In the last eight years it's shifted further left. The Election Day issue was a great sample. There were no congratulatory articles, no evidence of Donald Trump's overwhelming Electoral College landslide victory. Editorials freely used words like “racist" and "hate." 

Connecticut voted 40 percent for Trump. Republicans gained eight seats in the State House giving them 72 and Democrats 79 and three in the Senate, tying at 18-18; the best Republican totals since 1928. This in a state in which Republicans are in the minority in registration behind Democrats and unaffiliated voters.

It would seem logical, that it is in your financial best interests, to cover fairly the new Trump Administration's work and policies. This would acknowledge the rising number of Republican voters in the Second Congressional District.

Your sources of articles, primarily the Washington Post, and your editorial staff savaged the Trump campaign and his supporters, and boosted Hillary Clinton. The shock of Trump's win should tell you that you have lost touch with voters who are yearning for a return to honest, responsible, financially responsible, common sense government.

Norbert (Bud) Fay


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