Choose candidates prepared to protect our waterways

As the treasurer of Waterford's Flood and Erosion Control Board, I feel that our political dialogue often ignores our unique relationship with the coast. Waterford's character is defined by water. Our town is bordered on three sides by the sea, streams, lakes, and coves of all sizes. Protecting the health and cleanliness of our waterways is vital for our town's health and economic future. We must diligently monitor and manage streams, lakes, and coves to protect residents from property damage and guarantee the ecological future of some of our town's most precious resources.

Waterford residents have repeatedly expressed to me their concerns about flooding, erosion, and pollution because my campaign for RTM in District 2 has made this issue a top priority.

On Tuesday, I encourage Waterford voters to vote for municipal candidates ready and willing to fight for the health and safety of our town's residents and resources.

Baird Welch-Collins


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