Urgo wants to work together to make North Stonington better

Having grown up in North Stonington, I wanted to reach out to my friends, family, and neighbors about Mike Urgo. Mike is a man who loves North Stonington. He chose to move his family here. He chooses to be active in our community, our schools, and our local and state government. He recognizes that North Stonington is an amazing place and wants to keep it that way, but he also recognizes that some things need to change to help lower taxes and make this a more affordable place to raise a family.

Mike has not had enough, he wants more. He wants North Stonington schools to be even better than they are now. He wants more business in town to help raise much-needed tax revenue. He wants more communication between North Stonington and neighboring towns and the people in Hartford. He wants more people to cross party-lines and work together and make North Stonington better than it already is. He wants more neighbors to come together and have fun (he got us to plan NoStoFest!).

The signs in town are clear, someone wants to work together to make North Stonington better and someone has had enough. I encourage family, friends, and neighbors to vote to elect Mike first selectman.

Laura Tillinghast

North Stonington

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