A strong voice for change in New London

I am writing this letter in support of Regina Mosley for the Board of Education. Regina was a member of a parent advocacy group in New London. She was a member because her children were in the New London School system and she wanted to get involved to help support her children and the school system. Then we met again when I worked alongside her in the Restorative Justice Pilot program committee.

Regina worked tirelessly and was a force for change. I know Regina to be a passionate individual, one who has the best interest of the parents and children of New London at heart. She will be a voice of reason; of change. She is for fiscal responsibility and will work to maintain the best public education as we move toward an all-magnet school district.

New London is facing trying times and we need strong leadership. Regina is not a politician, she is a health-care worker, a mother and an advocate for New London. If you want a strong voice for change and a fair-minded individual on the Board of Education, join me in voting for Regina Mosley on Election Day.

Rich Baez

New London

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